Simcoe The Brave

Today's brew is called "Simcoe The Brave", it gets the brave tag as there are two firsts in there.

1) It's the first time using a random Bravo hop for bittering, as it was £2 for 100g I figured I'd give it a go. I'm not sure if it's 17% or 13.2%.

2) It's the first use of the new brewcontroller.

It's been a bit of an adventures day, the brewcontroller was made up of two Raspberry PI's, one of the RPi had a wi-fi link, and a cross-over between them seemed a good idea (with a bridge it would be straightforward Multicast with IGMP,  I didn't want to go down L3 Multicast in Linux).

Unfortunately the wi-fi dongle keeps dropping and taking the bridge down - which means the inter-pi link fails. This causes all kinds of havoc when the secondary pi is controlling the SSR for the HLT and the primary pi is governing it all but is getting dropped.

I think the wi-fi dongle needs dropping and  instead go with a usb dongle and either wire up a wired ethernet socket outside or go with powerline adapters.

Alongside with contending with a flaky brew controller ended up getting 44 litres out of the mash because of all things left the tap open when thinking it was shut.

Eventful days like this often produce good beer


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