Brewing Equipment - Mash Tun

I came to the realisation that I've built a lot of things based on the knowledge of folk over on Jims Beer Kit but don't really contribute back. I've decided to document the DIY approach to the brewing equipment I have made based on the experience in a single place. I started out with zero equipment so hopefully this gives a guide with the minimal investment in tools. I've also tried not to spend more money than really needed.


 Qmax 21mm cutter £9.90
 8mm hex key £1.20
 Drill and 1mm drill bit


2x 30L foodsafe buckets (ebay - although this isn't the the seller I used) ~ £20
  - looking for foodsafe and safe for high temperature and the ability to stack in one another, not too narrow but not too wide

Aluminium Foil Insulation - £ 7.98
Gaffer Tape - £5.98

My previous mash tun was a youngs fermentations bin stacked inside another. The downside is they aren't strong with high temperature liquid, 25L was a little small, they were a little narrow for the rotating sparge arm.
I used loft insulation in the first version wrapped in a strong foil, however over time water got behind and the the loft insulation became rotten.

(to be continued)


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