Tank Connector and Ball Lever Valve Tap

 Drill with 2mm drill bit
 Pipe Cutter

15mm full bore lever ball valve £4.99

15mm Tank Coupler £2.49

40cm of 15mm Copper pipe  £ 1.50

1/2" washer (pack of 4) £0.59

15mm stop end (pack of 2) £0.98

£10.55 (reusing left overs) - £ 17.88 (wasting left overs)

I'd never really thought about what a compression fitting was or the importance of the olive...  this video was useful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u77SJgIS4mY

Imagine having the ballvalve at the bottom when starting to construct


1) The tank coupler has a small band inside which stops the 15mm pipe from fitting through. This needs to be filed until smooth. It took about five minutes, I carried on until it felt smooth inside.

2) Put the lever ball valve at the bottom of the pipe, push an olive down from the top of the pipe, then the compression bolt. With the ballvalve gripped tighten the compression bolt. It's best to do with the tap open to make sure the tap is fitted the correct way.
3) Put the Tank connector onto the pipe and push up to the ballvalve, next add the washer.
4) Drill a number of holes in the
5) Now push the tank connector into the mash tun.
6) Now add the backnut and tighten.
7) Now add an olive and compression fitting, tighten by hand then fix firm by tightening with a spanner. (Be careful to make sure the compression joints are watertight before using)

The downside of the way this is constructed is the compression fitting at the back needs to be removed before the pipework will fit through the tap whole. I'm going to try this as it is for the next brewday but want to refine by soldering the olive in place.


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