A couple of mistakes post-brew day.

Starting to test the brew-controller, because of the poor wi-fi taking down the secondary Raspberry Pi, I switched the temp probe to another socket (measured from the primary). Unfortunately this ended up creating a short-circuit- complete with smoke.

- Thankfully after testing today I've found that I ended up with a corrupt swap partition on one of the RPi's - and the temperature probe in question has died (given that's only £3 or so) I'm not too upset.

The second mistake was that because the boil volume in the kettle was 36L not 31L then the IBU might be as low as 28 IBU instead of 48. THe recipe below was calculated as 17% IBU. The more I think about it the more I think the 13.4% printed on the label might have been correct (after all they were £2 for 100g).

The third mistake might turn out to be boiling up the remaining 50g of Bravo hops for 10 minute in a jar of honey and water. Putting in a sterile jar in the fridge over night and then putting it in the fermenttion bin. Fermentation was still underway (given the fridge still cutting in to cool the FV) so hopefully there won't be any oxidation.

A taste from the fermentation bin so far is not very bitter, but I guess until fermentation is over it's hard to tell.

Recipe Stats
Batch Size: 25.0 L
Estimated Gravity: 1.048 OG - 1.013 FG
Estimated ABV: 4.6 %
Estimated IBU: 48 IBU
 6500 gmMaris Otter
Mash Required
HWE: 315.6
 340 gmHoney
HWE: 291.8
 250 gmTorrified Wheat
Mash Required
HWE: 299.5
 25 gmBravo
Copper (60min) - 60 min
 25 gmBravo
Aroma (15min) - 15 min
 50 gmSimcoe
Dryhop - 0 min
 50 gmSimcoe
Flameout (0min) - 0 min
 1 pktSafale S04
 48 LBottled Water (2L)


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