Carrying out half the brewday in the garage and half in the kitchen is sub optimal - really should have been more organised and gathered things that were needed in the right place at the right time.

When I had a combi-boller I was happy to fill the HLT from the hot water tap but I'm less convinced about filling it from the hot water tank. I should have filled the HLT the night before so the water had less heating.

A few temperature related cockups with the ATC800/piTempMonitor disagreeing because the temperature probes were measuring different parts of the HLT.

The recipe formulation had a mistake, in that it was taking a typical hop alpha of 4.8 % rather than 6 % of the last harvest. As it happens I collected a little more wort so this will bring the bitterness down (unfortunately so too the alcohol). I had 1.033 instead of 1.037 so will be happy if I hit 3%.

If this turns out to be the best brew ever I'm going to struggle to recreate it.

I ended up creating an excel version of the calculator I use with the android app I've been writing in order to debug what was happening (through the process I noticed the mash tun was probably not filled enough). 

The best bit of the day is the tank connector on the mash tun worked perfectly.


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