Werthers Original

Out of the fermenter this Citra didn't taste great, however tonight had too bottles.

One seems to have diacetyl, the other whilst not what I wanted was out of a brew with Citra was at least drinkable.

I think it makes sense to make sure these bottles are in the garage over Christmas holidays whilst I'm away - just in case the worst happens and there is a bottle bomb around.

I'm hoping it's just a badly sterilised bottl and the diacetyl isn't systemic in the brewing process.

Reflecting on the chornical  fermenter, I think I'm going to move back to Safale-S04 and avoid US-05 as I'm not entirely happy with US-05 failing to drop. Perhaps (I'm bloody well hoping) after getting some consistency back with S-04  I'll reconsider to US-05.


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