Bottling & Brewing

Today bottled Citra, which if it keeps some of the aroma it had in the fermentation bin is going to be good. I used a mini-keg and put 5g in as dry-hop and will be drinking in 3 weeks time.

Also brewed another batch of the Mild which is now in the fermenter. Fairly uneventful in the brew itself, sterilising the bottles whilst the HLT was heating the water and bottling during the mash worked quite well.

The brew controller provides a realtime view of what is happening:

Having taken apart the brew-controller over the last week ended up with a few adventures, don't plug an element into the fridge socket - the £5 kettle elements don't like being boiled dry as a mounting post was broken due to the stress.

I've used power-line adapters to extend the network into the garage, just before pitching the yeast found that one has blown-up.... cue an improtu bit of drilling to poke in a cat5 cable.

Now the summer hiatus begins.


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