back to back bottling and brewing

Bottled "Simcoe" yesterday, after 12 days in the FV it went from bloody gorgeous out the FV to a bit questionable, to very drinkable.
I think I prefer the pre-dryhopped version as additional aroma seems to take something away. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.
Given it's high on the aroma side I'm pleased I went with guy instinct a put in the 50g of Bravo boiled for 10 minutes.

Today, brewed another Mild, same recipe as before but with an extra 250g of chocolate. Pretty smooth from the brewing side of things... although a few more teething problems with the brew controller. The rapsberry pi's refuse to power up if the case is stood up (the right way) so it must be on it's side.....
but it's getting closer. The SSR code was fixed so that it alternates between the HLT elements and the graphing code is fixed so a graph of fermentation temps should be in place. Although still using the ATC800+ to actually control the temps, will use the graphing as a soak test to ensure things stay stable over the week.


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